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Students seeing to obtain a driver’s license permit or a license must obtain a "certificate of compliance" from the school in which they are enrolled. The "Certificate of Compliance" takes into consideration a student’s academic advancement and attendance (See REVOCATION)
Under Tennessee Code 49-6-3017, the school system is also required to report to the Department of Safety any student not in compliance due to one of the following:

A student who fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress (making a passing grade) based on end of semester grading in three (3) full unit subjects or their equivalency.

A student who misses ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) cumulative days of unexcused absences during a single semester. Out–of-school suspension, expulsion, or confinement in a correctional institution is considered as an unexcused absence under the law.
Once a student has received notice from the Department of Safety that their driver’s license has been revoked, he/she may request reinstatement of their driver’s license when he/she proves satisfactory academic progress (making a passing grade) in at least three (3) full unit subjects or their equivalency at the conclusion of any grading period (usually a nine-weeks or semester-end grading period).

A student desiring reinstatement of their license must request a reinstatement certificate from their home school after meeting the above criteria. The certificate may then be presented at the driver’s testing station.